ProtoDesign3D is a new service of Personalized Jewels in 3D prototyping. Orgreen offers it to clients who will be able to request the realization of pieces of personalized jewelry. Thanks to ProtoDesign3D, which possesses the best of the technology of the 3D design and the artisan personnel, we can make pieces of difficult execution using this customized jewellery service. You only need to give us the idea in a sketch with the main characteristics. Our staff will advise you and build your piece from the illustration -always under your supervision. Our Prototyping and Rendering Software, will make a virtual jewel with your design to confirm the completion and acceptance of the budget, before manufacturing. Using this service is as simple as contacting with our Creative Department.

Bring your ideal jewel in a photography, freehand drawing or technical drawing, and we will take care of the whole3D creation process.

We render the concept so that you can see the virtual jewel in 3D. hen, you will confirm us the budget and the manufacturing of the product.

We process the 3D printing, the casting step and our handcrafted hands execute the finishing.