Orgreen is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of the latest trends in jewellery. Founded in 1975 as a family business, it has evolved over the years; yet, the original philosophy has been preserved by the second generation so far.

In 1998, “Orgreen” was born as our products trademark, just like a kind of vision.
This brand has been very acknowledged in the current market thanks to the high quality, creativity and exclusive designs in their crafts – always at the cutting-edge of fashion.

Our company manufactures products in different carats of gold, what gives us a great facility to adapt them to any type of international market, in which we had a great commercial reception, mainly the American and European ones.

At Orgreen, we keep high quality standards. In fact, we are really proud of our order fast-delivery, excellent services, and the belief in doing business with logic and a smile…